Sustainability Software

We’ve Made it Easy to Manage Your Sustainability Data

Stop using manual spreadsheets to manage your sustainability data.

Our out-of-the-box software enables you to comprehensively manage and report on your sustainability performance, quickly and efficiently.

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Don’t manage your sustainability data manually

Manually managing your sustainability processes is an outdated and inefficient way of doing things.

Time-consuming and resource-heavy

Manually sourcing sustainability data and generating reports to meet internal and external stakeholder requests is overly time-consuming.

Increased potential for inaccurate data

Manual processes can expose your sustainability data to inaccuracies.

Siloed and dispersed information

Your sustainability data sources may be siloed within different systems, making collecting it and collaborating on it burdensome.

Slow response times

Responding to ad-hoc disclosure requests for your sustainability-related data by relevant or invested parties takes far longer than with an automated software system.

Stressful auditing and reporting processes

Preparing for external validation and audit readiness regarding your sustainability data and processes can be stressful, and displace focus from other important and strategic business areas.

Our sustainability software can transform your business!

Harness the power of digital efficiencies with our sustainability software solution.

Achieve regulatory standards

Our software facilitates meeting the various sustainability standards and requirements for your industry with our various templates and content libraries.

Improve your ESG score

Better sustainability management can help to increase your organization’s ESG score, potentially leading to more investment opportunities.

Benefit from instant situation assessments

Intuitive dashboards enable you to visualize data and access real-time key sustainability metrics at-a-glance.

Save time with preloaded standards and metrics

Preloaded content means that GRI, TCFD, SASB, and WEF Common ESG Metrics are all available as templates, saving you valuable time.

Generate reports in seconds

Reporting on your sustainability is easier, faster, and more accurate.

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We enable you to achieve your sustainability targets

We follow a best-practices approach to making sure that you get the most from our software.

Implementing our sustainability management solution is easy, and involves identifying your sustainability data sources per location, linking them to the relevant sustainability factors, and conducting any necessary calculations that take into account any unit conversions or other applicable factors.

Step 1: Set up

Define your sustainability requirements and set up your approach to collecting and referencing the relevant data.   

Step 2: Data collection

Collect the relevant sustainability measurements at the required frequency.

Step 3: Track and improve

Track your performance against targets via reports and dashboards, and set improvement strategies.

Wish to see if our sustainability software is for you?

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Going from manual ESG operations to digital might seem daunting, but it really isn’t. Here are some of the common questions we get asked by companies considering the switch.

Is it easy to get my ESG data into the new system?

Yes it is, just leave it to us. IsoMetrix offers various options for collecting data from different data sources depending on the data type, frequency, quality, and where the data resides. 

Which ESG standards are built-in for reporting?

Currently the ability exists to report according to GRI, SASB, TCFD and WEF Common ESG metrics, with more on the way.

Is the system secure?

IsoMetrix is architected and hosted with the utmost data security compliance in mind. In fact, we’re ISO 27001 Information Security Management certified. Some of our security features include:

  • Secure regionally-hosted data
  • Secure SSL
  • Various levels of access and role management
  • Automated backups and disaster recovery 
Can new ESG standards be added?

Not only do we look to consistently add new ESG standards, but you can also customize your own ESG standards to meet your individual company requirements.

Does IsoMetrix offer ESG consulting services?

Although ESG software is our speciality, we work with a range of partners who are experts in the field of ESG consulting. Get in touch with us, and we’ll put you in touch with them. 

Where can I see my ESG data and statistics?

IsoMetrix offers a wide variety of intuitive and customizable ESG software dashboards, which display all your vital and relevant organizational ESG data. No training needed, just open the app and go.

Is it difficult to maintain audit trails of all ESG data?

To ensure the utmost accuracy and auditability, our ESG software automatically maintains an audit trail for all data entries, while simultaneously managing version control when variables such as emission factors change over time.

Can I control user access?

Our software has built-in user controls. Administrators can not only manage what each user can see and do, but can also restrict access and permissions for each user by site, location, division, and roles and responsibilities.