Carbon footprint management software

Don’t Risk Non-Compliance!

Our carbon footprint software will help you calculate your carbon emissions, and assist your business to avoid fines and penalties.

Carbon emissions tracking, analysis, management, and reporting

Calculate your carbon footprint with our built-in calculator

Access AP-42, DEFRA, and GHG Protocol guidelines

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Don’t manage your carbon footprint manually

Manually managing your carbon emissions is an outdated and inefficient way of doing things.

There's a lack of visibility

Managing your carbon footprint manually makes it difficult to properly assess your organization’s carbon emissions situation, and track your progress towards your targets.

There's greater potential for incorrect data

Manual data collection generally results in higher rates of human error, affecting reporting accuracy.

It can also affect the auditability of your business data. Poor audit scores may negatively impact on your ability to attract investment.

Everything takes longer...

It’s time-consuming to compile the necessary data needed to create carbon footprint & greenhouse gas emissions reports.

Collaboration and sharing between departments tends to be slower and more inefficient too.

Faster, more efficient carbon footprint management

Use our carbon footprint management software to track, manage, and report on your carbon emissions data.

Instant situational assessments

Intuitive digital dashboards enable you to visualize your data and access real-time key metrics at-a-glance.

Powerful digital efficiencies

Digital efficiencies mean that everything about your carbon footprint management is easier, faster, and more accurate.

Improved ESG ratings

Better carbon footprint management will positively influence your ESG ratings, which may in-turn lead to investment opportunities, increased access to financial capital, and lower insurance premiums.

Do good for the environment

Reduce your carbon footprint via more efficient management, and have a positive effect on the planet!

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Our software’s powerful features

Our carbon management software has many features that enhance your experience.

✅ Carbon management

Automate and manage all your carbon data on one dashboard, helping you get things done faster, and more efficiently.

✅ Carbon reporting

Share reports easily, quickly and accurately between departments, and with your business stakeholders.

✅ Carbon tracking

Track and organize all your data so that you don’t miss anything, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

✅ Carbon calculations

Calculate your carbon footprint via our state-of-the-art calculation engine built into our software.

✅ Carbon databases

Our carbon management software provides built-in databases such as AP-42, DEFRA, and the GHG Protocol for carbon calculation purposes.

✅ Carbon analysis

Analyze your data to see if it meets the various regulatory standards associated with carbon footprint management.

Wish to check out our carbon footprint software?

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Our software implementation process

We follow a best-practices approach to making sure that you get the most from our software.

Implementing our carbon footprint management solution is easy and involves identifying your emission sources per location, linking them to the relevant emission factors, and following a calculation approach that takes into account any unit conversions or other applicable factors.

Step 1: Set up

Define your carbon inventory and set up your approach referencing the emission factor and conversion libraries.

Step 2: Data collection

Collect the relevant Scope 1, 2, and 3 measurements at the required frequency.

Step 3: Track and improve

Track your performance against targets via reports and dashboards, and set improvement strategies.