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We support the waste services industry with its ESG, EHS, risk, and compliance requirements.

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About waste services

Waste management can be classified as all the activities related to managing the waste generated at a specific location and/or project, and usually includes collection, transport, treatment, and disposal, as well as any post-disposal monitoring.  

An ever-rising, increasingly urbanized global population means that there will be a corresponding increased need for waste management services to deal with the growing amount of waste generated. 

waste services

The challenge

The waste industry faces various EHS and ESG challenges which can be grouped into the following three main areas.

EHS challenges

EHS challenges for the waste management industry may include: 

  • Operating heavy machinery 
  • Working with toxic chemicals and other hazardous substances
  • Transporting hazardous waste materials
  • Treating wastewater
  • Managing multiple environmental permits
  • Complying with stringent regulatory requirements, such as those mandated by subtitles C and D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) for example
Environmental sustainability challenges
  • Complying with rigorous requirements regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) concerning waste disposal locations 
  • Managing air emissions, particularly methane and carbon dioxide 
  • Controlling sediment and erosion 
  • Minimizing contamination of any surface water, as well as groundwater from toxic leachate
Social sustainability challenges

External stakeholder groups and the public can threaten waste management operations if not managed properly and treated with due care and consideration.

Concerns may include: 

  • Foul smells 
  • The large size of the facilities 
  • Unpleasant noise 
  • Potential leakages into the surrounding environment
  • Encroachment into areas of residential development
  • A potential negative impact on property values 

The solution

It’s crucial to effectively manage the assorted health, safety and environment challenges associated with hazardous waste. Reduce risk and address challenges with IsoMetrix’s ESG & EHS waste management software.

Address EHS waste management challenges
  • Effectively manage permits and regulatory obligations that waste management organizations must comply with 
  • Identify on-site health hazards and mitigate the risks 
  • Record detailed incident information including injuries, illnesses, near misses, hazards, environmental releases, and other workplace events 
  • Analyze unwanted events and their causes as well as their likelihood and potential consequences 
  • Create a library of all unwanted events and management plans to prevent and mitigate risks within the organization 
  • Keep track of and manage all safety data sheets related to the storage and usage of hazardous chemicals at the workplace
Address environmental challenges
  • Capture, manage and analyze environmental monitoring data, and display information on a variety of environmental sustainability indicators 
  • Track environmental compliance actions to ensure they’re executed on time, and in-line with company policy and/or regulatory standards at every level of the organization 
  • Facilitate sustainability reporting for both internal and external stakeholders
Address social challenges
  • Better understand social impacts, how to mitigate them, and where to channel development efforts 
  • Track workforce and training data in accordance with the social performance and local commitments made 
  • Proactively manage any grievances with local communities and stakeholders  
Manage all aspects relating to necessary permits.

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The outcome

By utilizing integrated EHS and ESG waste management software products, waste services companies can: 

  • Effectively manage and reduce their environmental, health and safety risks 
  • Identify key areas for EHS and ESG improvement, and act accordingly
  • Mitigate their negative environmental and social sustainability impacts
  • Maintain all their necessary compliance activities in accordance with industry and governmental regulations, and avoid costly fines, penalties, and enforced stoppages 

Benefits to using our powerful software

Utilizing our software comes with multiple benefits in the process of comprehensively managing your waste services organization’s EHS and ESG needs.

✅ Management

Oversee and manage all your EHS and ESG data via intuitive dashboards, and powerful data visualizations.


Track and organize all your EHS and ESG data so that it’s quickly and easily referenced, as well as being fully auditable.


Improve collaboration by easily sharing reports between internal departments, and with your external stakeholders.

✅ Frameworks and standards

Avoid fines and penalties by adhering to the latest industry standards and compliance regulations.


Analyze your EHS and ESG performance metrics to see if you’re on track to meeting your company’s goals and targets.

Customer service

You’ll have an assigned IsoMetrix Client Success Manager, ensuring you get full value from our dynamic software.

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