We support the utilities industry with its EHS, risk, and compliance requirements.

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About utilities

The utilities sector supplies goods or services that are generally considered to be essential, and comprises organizations such as electric, gas, or water companies.

They may be subject to public control and regulation due to being constituents of public service infrastructure. 

The challenge

Utility companies face a variety of risks, challenges, and inefficiencies across the spectrum of environment, health, safety, sustainability, and regulatory compliance. Some of these may include:

Keep tabs on workforce training metrics.

Managing health and safety risks such as catastrophic energy releases, working in confined spaces, exposure to harmful gases and substances, as well as the risks incurred in regular maintenance, and those involved in building new or expanded facilities. 

The complication of dealing with different risks and rules which may exist across separate individual sites. 

Dealing with complex regulations and reporting requirements that demand complete transparency into utility companies’ environmental performance.  

Coping with the need to gather large amounts of siloed data and information. 

Centralizing data and packaging it in such a way as to produce the EHS reports which are increasingly becoming required standard practice. 

Conducting the time-consuming activity of repurposing one data set for multiple EHS reporting requests. 

The solution

IsoMetrix reduces risks and navigates challenges with EHS software for utilities companies.

  • Stay on top of changing regulations, and facilitate compliance with industry standards by streamlining permit management and regulatory compliance 
  • Efficiently manage safety training and PPE usage 
  • Break down departmental silos and standardize data across business units to boost visibility  
  • Capture, manage, calculate, and interpret environmental monitoring data
  • Use state-of-the-art data visualizations and configurable dashboards to conduct advanced trend analysis and risk assessments 
  • Improve data accuracy and keep detailed records and comprehensive audit trails. Minimize errors in your internal and external stakeholder reports  
  • Reduce risk and costly incidents with automated notifications and safety-related reminders 
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing HR systems and document management solutions 

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The outcome

By utilizing utilities EHS software, organizations in this industry can benefit from:

  • More efficient and effective EHS processes 
  • Improved employee health and safety 
  • Increased compliance with EHS regulations and requirements 
  • Reduced business risks and costs 

Benefits to using our powerful software

Utilizing our software comes with multiple benefits in the process of comprehensively managing your utilities organization’s EHS needs.

✅ Management

Oversee and manage all your EHS data via intuitive dashboards, and powerful data visualizations.


Track and organize all your EHS data so that it’s quickly and easily referenced, as well as being fully auditable.


Improve collaboration by easily sharing reports between internal departments, and with your external stakeholders.

✅ Frameworks and standards

Avoid fines and penalties by adhering to the latest industry standards and compliance regulations.


Analyze your EHS performance metrics to see if you’re on track to meeting your company’s goals and targets.

Customer service

You’ll have an assigned IsoMetrix Client Success Manager, ensuring you get full value from our dynamic software.

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