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We support the oil & gas industry with its EHS, risk, and compliance requirements.

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About oil and gas companies

Comprising some of the world’s biggest businesses, oil and gas companies are involved in the extraction of these resources and are crucial suppliers to a variety of sectors such as transportation, heating, and industrial manufacturing.  

Their operations are often considered to be risky due to the health and safety risks to employees and contractors involved. Furthermore, oil and gas companies need to deal with the environmental and social impacts of their activities. 

Oil and gas operations can be a sizeable and complex task which usually consist of various phases: 

  • Exploration (upstream) 
  • Development (upstream) 
  • Production (upstream) 
  • Reclamation (upstream)
  • Midstream 
  • Downstream 

The challenge

Oil and gas companies need to manage various EHS, risk, and compliance aspects of their operations.

EHS activities
  • Ensuring worker health and safety
  • Analyzing unwanted events and their causes, as well as their likelihood and potential consequences
  • Organizing and managing permits, and maintaining compliance with local and/or industry laws and regulations.

The solution

IsoMetrix reduces risk, increases EHS operational efficiencies, and improves reporting for oil and gas companies. 

Track compliance actions to ensure they’re executed on time, and in-line with company policy and/or regulatory standards at every level of the organization. 

Schedule and track emergency drills in line with the company’s emergency procedure, and record findings and lessons learnt during the drills. 

Capture, manage and analyze environmental monitoring data, and display information on a variety of environmental sustainability indicators. 

Record detailed incident information including injuries, illnesses, near misses, hazards, environmental releases, and other workplace events. 

Ensure that for every process and activity, risks are identified and assessed, and controls implemented. 

Ensure the effectiveness and adequacy of safety procedures relating to critical processes, and continually reassess risks and controls to proactively improve safety. 

Manage relevant health and safety permits and obligations that the business must comply with. 

Manage all quality processes and assist in achieving any quality-related certifications. 

Schedule audits, capture all audit findings, analyze data, and identify areas for improvement. 

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Keep tabs on workforce training metrics.

The outcome

By utilizing EHS software, companies in this industry can: 

  • Better manage their health and safety risks 
  • Identify key areas for improvement and raise their EHS operational efficiencies
  • Mitigate their negative environmental impacts
  • Control all their necessary compliance activities

Benefits to using our powerful software

Use our software to comprehensively manage your oil or gas organization’s EHS operations.

✅ Management

Oversee and manage all your EHS data via intuitive dashboards, and powerful data visualizations.


Track and organize all your EHS data so that it’s quickly and easily referenced, as well as being fully auditable.


Improve collaboration by easily sharing reports between internal departments, and with your external stakeholders.

✅ Frameworks and standards

Avoid fines and penalties by adhering to the latest industry standards and compliance regulations.


Analyze your EHS performance metrics to see if you’re on track to meeting your company’s goals and targets.

Customer service

You’ll have an assigned IsoMetrix Client Success Manager, ensuring you get full value from our dynamic software.

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““It has been a real pleasure for me to work with the IsoMetrix team over these past few years. I am a strong advocate for the IsoMetrix platform and have not seen anything to damp my enthusiasm for its design or its capabilities.”

Senior Manager, Governance and Reporting at Sasfin Bank