Food and Agriculture

We support the food and agriculture industry with its ESG, EHS, risk, and compliance requirements.

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About food and agriculture companies

The food and agriculture industry is not only vitally important from a consumer perspective, but provides livelihoods to millions of workers throughout the world.  

Investment in this sector may have humanitarian aims such as defeating hunger and improving nutrition and food security, in addition to a commercially-driven profit motive.  

Organizations active in this sector may include those comprising farming, fisheries, and land and water resources. 

The challenge

Organizations operating in the food and agro industry face a variety of ESG and EHS related challenges. These could include:

  • Food contamination 
  • Detecting bacterial or viral outbreaks 
  • Employing important sanitary and phytosanitary (plant health) standards 
  • Introducing fertilizers containing phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium to agricultural fields 
  • Dealing with falling water tables 
  • Freshwater usage, conservation, and contamination
  • Livestock methane emissions
  • Humane and ethical farming practices and treatment of animals  
  • Rising temperatures due to global warming affecting crop yields 
  • Deforestation and land clearing 
  • Ecosystem and wildlife preservation
  • Equitable working conditions for agriculture workers
  • Soil management and conservation 

The solution

IsoMetrix reduces risk and improves efficiencies with ESG and EHS software for food and agro companies.

  • Capture relevant environmental data such as greenhouse gas emissions using data requests, inspections, and surveys, and use an in-built calculation engine to calculate carbon footprint 
  • Use intuitive and configurable dashboards to track performance against set goals and targets, and analyze where there may be room for improvement 
  • Conduct trend analysis and environmental risk assessments 
  • Create actions and action plans to drive ESG strategies, and address data which does not conform to requirements
  • Built-in team collaboration features enable more efficient internal networking, at scale 
  • Report on ESG matters to internal and external stakeholders easier, faster, and more accurately than ever before 
  • Identify on-site food and agricultural health hazards, mitigate the risks, and monitor the health and well-being of your workforce 
  • Record detailed incident information including injuries, illnesses, near misses, hazards, environmental releases, and other workplace events
  • Set automated notifications and safety-related reminders to reduce risk and the likelihood of costly incidents 
  • Effectively manage permits and meet regulatory obligations that food and agro companies must comply with
  • Improve compliance visibility, and adhere to built-in and maintained libraries containing ESG and EHS reporting standards for food and agriculture 
  • Seamlessly integrate our EHS and ESG software with your existing business process management systems and document management solutions 

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The outcome

Food and agro ESG and EHS software empowers food and agriculture companies to be more sustainable and positively impact their supply chain. 

  • Improve the health and safety of your agricultural workforce  
  • Increase ethical and sustainable farming practices, reduce environmental impacts, and positively affect social factors such as your workforce diversity and inclusion statistics 
  • Manage and report on your agricultural ESG and sustainability performance comprehensively, accurately, and efficiently 
  • Meet and exceed government and industry food and agro sustainability standards, and reporting requirements 

Benefits to using our powerful software

Utilizing our software comes with multiple benefits in the process of comprehensively managing your food and agriculture organization’s EHS and ESG needs.

✅ Management

Oversee and manage all your EHS and ESG data via intuitive dashboards, and powerful data visualizations.


Track and organize all your EHS and ESG data so that it’s quickly and easily referenced, as well as being fully auditable.


Improve collaboration by easily sharing reports between internal departments, and with your external stakeholders.

✅ Frameworks and standards

Avoid fines and penalties by adhering to the latest industry standards and compliance regulations.


Analyze your EHS and ESG performance metrics to see if you’re on track to meeting your company’s goals and targets.

Advisory services

You’ll have an assigned IsoMetrix Client Success Manager, ensuring you get full value from our dynamic software.

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